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Victorian resources - 18

Title: ADEC Transcultural Mental Health Program - Brochure
Summary: ADEC has been established for over 30 years and is the leading agency in the field of disability and ethnicity. ADEC aims to empower people with disabilities from ethnic backgrounds, their carers and families to fully participate as members of the Victorian Community.

Title: After your Operation - Helping you to Recover
Summary: After an operation, bed rest and inactivity can increase your risk of chest infection and blood clots in your legs. These can be avoided if you follow the instructions in this fact sheet.

Title: Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria
Summary: The Charter allows patients, consumers, families, carers and services providing health care to share an understanding of the rights of people receiving health care.

Title: Consumer privacy information brochure
Summary: Health information is often particularly sensitive, therefore consumers need to be confident that their information will be handled appropriately and confidentially. This makes it critical that at the time of collecting information, the consumer is provided with information about their privacy. The consumer privacy information brochure "Your Information, It's Private" has been developed to assist in this process.

Title: Electroconvulsive Therapy: About Your Rights
Summary: This brochure provides information about Electroconvulsive Therapy and patient rights and entitlements.

Title: Forensic Patients: About Your Rights
Summary: This booklet provides information about being a forensic patient and your rights and entitlements.

Title: Hospital Order Patient: About Your Rights
Summary: Information relating to Hospital Orders, and the rights and treatment plans of patients.

Title: How to get help when you feel sick
Summary: This handy brochure, with a magnet, has step-by-step instructions that will guide you to find the right support, at the right time, in the right place.

Title: Improving the Transition from Hospital to Home
Summary: This pamphlet provides information about the new system for accessing medication on discharge from a public hospital and when attending a public hospital as an outpatient.

Title: Improving your Recovery After Birth - Physiotherapy Advice
Summary: After you have given birth we recommend that you follow some simple steps which will improve your postnatal recovery.

Title: Involuntary patients - About your rights
Summary: Information relating to involuntary treatment orders.

Title: Major Non-psychiatric treatment: About Your Rights
Summary: This booklet provides information about a patient's legal rights and entitlements when their doctor recommends that they would benefit from a particular major non-psychiatric treatment.

Title: Medical / Dental Treatment for Patients Who Cannot Consent - The Person Responsible
Summary: Guide to consent to medical/dental treatment for a person who cannot consent. Information about the ‘person responsible’ and the medical/dental treatment decisions the can and cannot make under the Medical Treatment Act and the Mental Health Act on behalf of someone with a decision-making disability.

Title: Patient Information Brochures
Summary: Guide's to getting to the eye and ear hospital located in East Melbourne.

Title: Problems with a health service or concerns about your health privacy? We can help.
Summary: This pamphlet provides information about the services offered by the Office of the Victorian Health Services Commissioners and how to access them.

Title: Refusal of Medical Treatment
Summary: Guide to refusing medical treatment - Information about refusing medical treatment for yourself or on behalf of another person as their agent or guardian.

Title: Security Patient: About Your Rights
Summary: This booklet provides information about being a security patient and your legal rights and entitlements.

Title: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a HACC Services User
Summary: Information about the rights and responsibilities of HACC services users.

National resources - 2

Title: Help Tip 1 - How to respond effectively to your relative with schizophrenia who may have challenging behaviour

Title: The Health System in Australia
Summary: This leaflets provides an overview of health services available in Australia with a focus on people living with HIV/AIDS. 7.1 Introduction 7.2 General practitioners 7.3 Sexual health centres 7.4 Hospitals 7.5 Other HIV/AIDS services 7.6 Counsellors, social workers, psychologists 7.7 How to access the services you need 7.8 Interpreters

Other States and Territories - 14

Title: Consent to medical treatment - what are your rights?
Summary: This is a guide to patient's rights with reference to medical treatment and consent.

Title: Do you need a hospital emergency department - or can your local doctor help?
Summary: A guide to understanding the difference between problems needing hospital emergency treatment, and those that can be helped by your local doctor.

Title: Does someone you know need a speech pathologist?
Summary: Information about common speech problems in children and adults, and how a speech pathologist can help.

Title: Domestic assistance fact sheet
Summary: Domestic Assistance is a service aimed at helping you to remain independent in your home by helping with the essential light house work tasks you are unable to do yourself.

Title: Female patients requesting female staff in hospitals or in a clinic
Summary: Information for women who request female staff in hospitals and clinics.

Title: Getting the best from your visit to your GP
Summary: A guide to getting the best from your visist to a GP, including information about making appointments and things to remember to tell your doctor.

Title: How to get more from a visit to your doctor
Summary: Tips for better communication with your doctor, including questions to ask about medication or about any tests you're asked to have. Inlcudes information about getting a second opinion and making complaints.

Title: How to help your doctor help you
Summary: How patients can get the most out of a visit to a health professional and make the most of their treatment.

Title: Patient Information and Privacy a Guide for Carers and Family
Summary: The pamphlet targets carers of health patients / clients to explain when health staff can share patient information and what the patient and their carer can do to help health staff share patient information.

Title: Queensland Health Public Patients' Charter
Summary: This brochure details rights and responsibilities of public patients in Queensland. It describes what to expect from a visit to a public health service and how to provide feedback for review and improvement.

Title: Queensland Ombudsman brochure
Summary: This brochure provides an overview of the role and services provided by Queensland Ombudsman.

Title: Tuberculin Test (Mantoux Test) Consent Form
Summary: Consent form for patients undertaking the Tuberculin test.

Title: Tuberculosis BCG Vaccination Consent Form
Summary: Consent form for patients being vaccinated against Tuberculosis with BCG Vaccination.

Title: What to do with your tablets and medicines when coming into hospital
Summary: Information about what to do with your tablets and medicines when coming into hospital.