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Topic "Behavioural Disorder" in Arabic - total 9 documents

Title: A family journey
Summary: This animation was made in collaboration with parents from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and with the assistance of italk Library. The story provides a father's perspective as he thinks back on his early concerns for his son and where the autism journey has taken his family. It is a story that resonates with many different communities.

Title: Disruptive Disorders In Children
Summary: Disruptive Disorders are what health professionals call the problems our children are having when they have difficulty in following the rules that most other children accept.

Title: Guide to using visual supports
Summary: This is a written document that outlines how and why visuals are used to support learning and routine, and to help with behaviour.

Title: Guide to who can help (fact sheet)
Summary: This is a written guide that clarifies the roles of different services and supports that could assist the family and the child.

Title: Myths and facts about autism
Summary: This table shares some of the common misconceptions about autism within culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and gives a factual response to each myth in order to support a greater understanding of autism.

Title: Parent school partnership activity
Summary: This activity provides a basis for conversation and planning to support a parent school partnership. The 3 column table has headings to help begin discussion and encourages users to add their own in order to decide on next steps.

Title: Visual planning matrix
Summary: This is a simple planning tool that includes visuals for each developmental area. It provides a simple way of recording a picture of the child’s characteristics, the impact of those characteristics, the families concerns, and who could help.

Title: What is autism (fact sheet)
Summary: Autism is a developmental disorder that occurs in both boys and girls across all cultures and communities. It affects how a person learns and how they interact with others and their surroundings, All people on the autism spectrum are unique. Autismis also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder

Title: Who can help planning sheet
Summary: This sheet is designed to identify specific people who could help. It provides lines to add names of local people and services, and is colour coded under each of the developmental

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