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Topic "Drugs" in Arabic - total 22 documents

Title: About the campaign
Summary: The Australian Government’s National Drugs Campaign (NDC) is part of the National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 and specifically aims to reduce young Australians’ motivation to use illicit drugs by increasing their knowledge about the potential negative consequences of drug use.

Title: Alcohol and drug services
Summary: If you or someone you know is affected by alcohol or drugs there are services available to help. Information about identifying drug and alcohol problems, understanding treatment options and learning about the challenges involved in living with an ongoing drug condition are all explored here.

Title: Alcohol and your family
Summary: Multilingual alcohol information material for Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Title: Breastfeeding - drugs and breastfeeding
Summary: Drugs taken by a breastfeeding mother may pass into the milk through her bloodstream, usually in very small amounts. Some medications do not need to be avoided if you’re breastfeeding. When you do need medication, however, feed your baby just before your next dose is due to reduce your baby’s exposure to the drug. Use this fact sheet as a ready reference to work out which common drugs are safe to take. If in doubt, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking the drug

Title: Crystalline methamphetamine (ice) use in the family
Summary: There has been an enormous amount of attention in Australia on crystalline methamphetamine (ice) use, much of which has been sensationalised. It is important to break through these negative stereotypes and see the person rather than the drug.

Title: Drugs - Get the facts
Summary: This document provides information and strategies on drugs to parents of teenagers so that they will be better equipped to respond to drug issues. The Government wants to help all parents, including migrant parents, prevent drug problems.

Title: Drugs: the real facts booklet
Summary: Fact sheet about various drugs and the effects they can have.

Title: Drugs: tips for parents
Summary: Here are 10 ways to encourage your kids to talk about drugs with you.

Title: Families and friends affected by the drug or alcohol use of someone close
Summary: A booklet to help families and friends of people affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

Title: Family matters - how to approach drug issues with your family
Summary: A guide to talking about drug issues with children and young people, including information about legal and illicit drugs and alcohol, and tips for communicating with children and young people.

Title: Family matters: how to approach drug issues with your family
Summary: This information booklet is designed to help parents answer questions when talking to their children about drugs, including alcohol.

Title: Methadone treatment in Victoria - User information booklet
Summary: The Methadone treatment in Victoria user information booklet should be provided to all clients who take methadone to address their opioid dependence. The booklet provides information on the drug methadone, the Victorian opioid pharmacotherapy system and also provides information about methadone overdose and the use of naloxone injection.

Title: Patient agreement form: buprenorphine/naloxone take-away doses
Summary: This agreement form is for patients on buprenorphine/ naloxone to ensure they are fully aware of the structure and responsibilities of receiving buprenorphine/naloxone take-away doses.

Title: Patient agreement form: methadone take-away doses
Summary: A written agreement such as a Patient agreement form: methadone take-away doses should be considered by prescribers and pharmacists to ensure each patients is fully aware of the structure and responsibilities of receiving methadone take-away doses. An agreement form is also available for patients on buprenorphine/ naloxone to ensure they are fully aware of the structure and responsibilities of receiving buprenorphine/naloxone take-away doses.

Title: Safe retrieval and disposal of needles and syringes
Summary: This resource provides information on how to dispose of needle and syringes safely and what to do in case of a needle stick injury.

Title: Starting methadone or buprenorphine
Summary: The Starting methadone or buprenorphine information sheet should be provided to all pharmacotherapy clients commencing treatment. This information sheet provides advice to clients about the risks of unsupervised drug and alcohol use, outlines the symptoms of overdose and contains information about naloxone injection. .

Title: Talking with your kids about drugs
Summary: The National Drugs Campaign aims to support parents of 13-17 year olds in their efforts to discuss and discourage illicit drug use with their children.

Title: Tip sheets for carers of people with mental illness and drug use (dual diagnosis)
Summary: When we talk about drugs, we mean local (alcohol, tobacco, prescription medication) and illegal (cannabis, speed, heroin) drugs.

Title: Treatment for crystalline methamphetamine (ice)
Summary: If your methamphetamine use is affecting your physical and/or mental health, family, relationships, work, school, financial or other life situation, you should seek help.

Title: Victorian AOD Client Charter A3 Poster
Summary: This poster details the rights and responsibilities of a person using Victorian alcohol and other drug (AOD) services.

Title: Victorian AOD Client Charter Brochure
Summary: This document is a charter of rights and responsibilities for AOD service users. The charter is based on the knowledge and experience of 160 AOD service users who participated in focus groups held across Victoria. The creation of this charter, by people who use Victorian AOD services, has endeavoured to follow a democratic process. The implementation of this charter will contribute to a fairer Victoria.

Title: What is crystalline methamphetamine (ice)?
Summary: Crystalline methamphetamine, also commonly known as ‘ice’, is a stimulant drug, which means it speeds up the messages travelling between the brain and the body. It is a type of methamphetamine, which is generally stronger and more addictive and has more harmful side effects than the powder form known as speed.

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