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Topic "Drugs" in Somali - total 7 documents

Title: Alcohol: Celebrations and Supply, Information for parents
Summary: While most young people go through this time having fun and without any problems there are things parents and carers can do to reduce the chance of anything going wrong.

Title: Drug Education in Secondary Schools: Information for Parents
Summary: As young people are growing up they face a number of challenges, such as making decisions about drug use. Young people learn about drugs such as medicines, alcohol and tobacco by watching what people do and listening to what they say. The internet, TV, magazines and movies also expose young people to various drug issues. In drug education lessons, young people receive up-to-date information about drugs in a safe and caring setting. Students learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and practise skills that help them stay safe.

Title: Drug information for Parents
Summary: Whether your child chooses to use drugs or not, he or she could be aware of the issue of drugs through the media or peers.

Title: Drug Information for Parents (NSW)
Summary: A parents' guide to talking to children about drugs.

Title: Drugs - Get the facts
Summary: This document provides information and strategies on drugs to parents of teenagers so that they will be better equipped to respond to drug issues. The Government wants to help all parents, including migrant parents, prevent drug problems.

Title: Safe retrieval and disposal of needles and syringes
Summary: This resource provides information on how to dispose of needle and syringes safely and what to do in case of a needle stick injury.

Title: Tip sheets for carers of people with mental illness and drug use (dual diagnosis)
Summary: When we talk about drugs, we mean local (alcohol, tobacco, prescription medication) and illegal (cannabis, speed, heroin) drugs.

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