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Topic "Emergency" in Somali - total 11 documents

Title: Bushfire Alerts Messages and Warnings
Summary: Explains the three bushfire alert levels and the different ways of getting information to help you stay safe.

Title: Bushfire smoke and your health
Summary: Bushfire smoke can reduce air quality in rural and urban areas and may affect people’s health. This fact sheet provides information on bushfire smoke, how it can affect you and your family’s health, and actions that you can take to avoid or reduce potential health effects.

Title: Calling 000
Summary: In the case of an emergency dial 000 [triple zero] and ask for ambulance.Be ready to answer these questions.

Title: Chemical Emergencies - How to stay safe
Summary: A chemical emergency can happen anywhere, anytime, as the result of a fire, explosion or a chemical spill at a fixed site, or from a road or train accident. The best way to protect yourself in a chemical emergency is to shelter inside, shut all windows and doors and turn off any ventilation systems, and listen to emergency service broadcasts.

Title: Emergency, crisis and support services
Summary: Emergencies can be medical or family violence emergencies, natural disasters (such as floods, bushfires or heatwaves), communicable diseases (such as pandemic influenza) or a chemical, biological and radioactive emergency. Learn about different types of emergency and the support services that exist to help you if you are in an emergency situation in Victoria. In an emergency, call triple zero (000).

Subtitles for this video are available in 18 different languages. Follow the instructions below to read the subtitles in your preferred language:
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As the fonts for Karen and Burmese do not work well as subtitles, we have burnt them onto the videos directly for you to watch on YouTube.

Title: Everything you need to know about your home fire safety: Practice your home escape plan, get out & stay out
Summary: This online brochure explains fire safety in the kitchen, bedroom, laundry, with heating, electricity, open flame, BBQ and also shows how to install and maintain a fire alarm and provides an example of a home escape plan

Title: Fire orders
Summary: what to do in case of a fire

Title: How to call triple zero 000
Summary: The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. In life threatening or emergency situations, use this number to contact Police, Fire and/or Ambulance.

Title: Now every Victorian has a NURSE-ON-CALL 1300 60 60 24
Summary: NURSE-ON-CALL is a phone service that provides immediate, expert health advice from a registered nurse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Title: Power outages: using alternative fuel and electricity generation safely
Summary: When power outages occur, usually as a result of severe weather events, people sometimes use alternative sources of fuel or electricity generation for cooking, lighting, heating, or power. Portable generators can allow some normal activities to continue, however it is important to use them with extreme caution.

Title: Smoke alarms
Summary: Smoke alarms are compulsery in every home. When you’re asleep you lose your sense of smell. A smoke alarm is your electronic nose. It will alert you if there is smoke from a fire.

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