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Topic "Sleep" in Arabic - total 19 documents

Title: A Good Night's Sleep
Summary: The aim of this booklet - "A Practical Guide: About a good night's sleep" is to assist people get a better night's sleep.

Title: Baby sleep: 2-12 months
Summary: Baby sleep habits depend a fair bit on both temperament and sleep routines. This resource will explain baby sleep developments and provide advices

Title: Benzodiazepines (Tranquillisers and Sleeping Pills)
Summary: Many people have problems with anxiety, stress and sleeping well.

Title: Calling out and getting out of bed
Summary: Calling out and getting out of bed are two common child and toddler sleep issues. A nightly routine – and a bit of persistence on your part – can cut down on bedtime problems.

Title: Children's sleep: 20 frequently asked questions
Summary: Different children have different sleep needs, habits and problems. Here are answers to 20 frequently asked questions about children’s sleep

Title: Cot to bed safety
Summary: Sleep baby in a safe cot in parents' room for the first 6-12 months of life.

Title: Good sleep habits: 12 tips
Summary: A guide to good sleep habits for children, teenagers and adults. Tips for getting to sleep, staying asleep and getting enough sleep.

Title: Hints for better sleep
Summary: A list of steps to help you get a better sleep.

Title: Minimising the risk of SIDS
Summary: This short video shows how to reduce the risk of SUDI (including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents). It also includes tips on safe sleeping, sleeping baby on back, sleeping baby at the end of the cot, avoiding a flat head, and sleeping arrangements. It highlights the importance of providing a smoke-free sleeping environment for your baby.

Title: Newborn sleep routine
Summary: How to teach newborn babies to sleep using a flexible routine of feeding, sleeping and playing

Title: Persistent sleep problems in children and teenagers
Summary: About persistent sleep problems in children and teens - insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and delayed sleep phase

Title: Promoting good sleep for children
Summary: About good sleep for children, teens and adults with information about getting to sleep

Title: Safe Sleeping
Summary: Fact sheet on reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Title: Sleep and learning
Summary: Sleep can affect concentration, memory and behaviour. It’s no wonder that how well your child sleeps has an impact on how well he learns

Title: Sleep problems in children and teenagers
Summary: About sleep problems in children and teens - trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, night terrors, nightmares, sleepwalking and bedwetting

Title: Teenage sleep habits: in pictures
Summary: A guide in pictures to teenage sleeping, with tips for helping teens, teenagers and adolescent children get to sleep, relax before bedtime, and wake up effectively.

Title: Tired signs in babies and children
Summary: When you can spot tired signs in babies and kids, you can get them to sleep more easily. Here's how to spot tired signs and settle your child

Title: Tummy Time
Summary: Tummy Time is important to help prevent flat spots on a baby's head.

Title: Wrapping a newborn
Summary: This short video demonstrates different ways to wrap or swaddle a newborn baby. Wrapping is soothing for some babies and can reduce the risk of SUDI (including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents) by keeping babies on their backs during sleep

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