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Topic "Family Violence" in Arabic - total 37 documents

Title: Advice about domestic violence and help at court
Summary: Legal Aid funds a Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service. This brochure outlines how this program assists women to apply for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order and how women can stop the cycle of abuse. It is also available in an alternative format for Aboriginal communities.

Title: Advice about your visa if you've been hurt or harmed by your partner
Summary: This flyer provides information on where to get advice about spouse visas if you've been hurt or harmed by your partner.

Title: Are you applying for an AVO? Information for persons in need of protection.
Summary: Courts can make orders to protect you from a person who has been violent towards you. This brochure explains how you can get an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) and what happens in court.

Title: Are you experiencing domestic violence?
Summary: This brochure explains how Legal Aid NSW can help you if you are experiencing domestic or family violence.

Title: Babies and toddlers - keeping them safe
Summary: This translated fact sheet provides some guidelines on keeping babies and toddlers safe. If you are being physically or psychologically abused by your partner, it can harm your baby - both before and after she or he is born. This fact sheet includes how you can help your baby or toddler and also what you can do for yourself.

Title: Charmed and Dangerous - A Womans Guide to Reclaiming a Healthy Relationship
Summary: The booklet, originally published by the Tweed Shire Women’s Services Inc, now published by the Legal Aid NSW Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services (WDVCAS), outlines the cycle of abuse in domestic and family violence and how to break free of controlling, abusive or violent relationships.

Title: Children 4 - 12 - growing up in a safe environment
Summary: This translated fact sheet provides some guidelines on keeping your 4-12 year old child safe. If you are being physically or psychologically abused by your partner it can have a serious impact on your child’s development. It provides some children's perspectives on abuse and also how to help your children and what you can do for yourself.

Title: Domestic and family violence factsheet
Summary: The Australian Government does not tolerate domestic and family violence under any circumstances. Domestic and family violence includes behaviour or threats that aim to control a male or female partner by causing fear or threatening their safety. This fact sheet provides information on what domestic and family violence can include as well as contact details for culturally sensitive services in Australia.

Title: Equality Wheel
Summary: The translated wheel describes the changes perpetrators of abuse need to make to stop their violence.

Title: Family and domestic violence-it is time to say enough (bilingual version)
Summary: This bilingual resource explains what family violence is and where you can find support.

Title: Family and domestic violence - it is time to say enough (Audio version)
Summary: This audio resource explains what family violence is and where you can find support.

Title: Family Safety Pack
Summary: The Australian Government has developed a Family Safety Pack for men and women coming to Australia. It includes information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault and forced marriage, and a woman’s right to be safe.

Title: Family violence and partner visas factsheet
Summary: This translated resource provides information for partner visa holders who do not have to remain in an abusive relationship to stay in Australia. It outlines information including that a partner, family members or other people in the community cannot threaten your visa status, and that there are certain provisions in Australia's migration laws to allow you to continue with your permanent Partner visa application. It also contacts for support services, and translating and interpreting services.

Title: Family violence is unacceptable in any culture
Summary: This booklet is written for women living in Melbourne's north who may be experiencing family violence or know someone who is. It provides information about family viloence and support services.

Title: Family Violence - Information for Women
Summary: The translated information in this fact sheet is for immigrant and refugee women. It aims to raise awareness about family violence and your health. It also talks about seeking help, where to go, who to contact and what happens when you talk to a health professional about your situation.

Title: Family Violence - Technical Terms (Bilingual Tool)
Summary: The 'Family Violence: Technical Terms Bilingual Tool is in a Language other than English (LOTE) and English side-by-side It is designed to help communication when working with interpreters to talk about family violence. The Family Violence: Technical Terms Bilingual Tool, lists and explains: - Courts and services: their names, hours and web addresses - Technical terms: and what they mean - Police roles: what they do. - Each service, term and definition is listed in a Languages other than English (LOTE) and English side by side, so they can be pointed to or circled when explaining the family violence service system.

Title: Family Violence: What Police Do
Summary: The Information Sheet 'Family Violence: What Police do' has been designed to explain Victoria Police's response to family violence. They have been written for: - People who have been affected, or harmed, by family violence - People who have committed family violence - People and or services supporting them.

Title: Forced marriage radio play 1
Summary: A woman who has left a forced marriage speaks to her counselor about her experience and how she was able to find help.

Title: Forced marriage radio play 2
Summary: A young woman speaks to her mother about a marriage that is being planned for her. The young woman does not want to get married. In Australia, a parent or guardian cannot force their child to marry.

Title: How men can prevent sexual violence
Summary: Here are some steps you can take to prevent sexual violence and ensure you have respectful sexual relationships

Title: Information about Intervention Orders
Summary: The brochure provides information on domestic violence and intervention orders.

Title: Islam and Muslims oppose violence against women: A guide for Muslim women
Summary: For Muslim women who have experienced family violence and Muslims who seek to inform themselves and their community about a socially responsible understanding of family violence

Title: Power and control
Summary: The translated wheel represents the most common abusive behaviour used by perpetrators of violence. It includes using intimidation, emotional abuse, children, male privilage and a few other behaviours.

Title: Safe at home: What can I do about family violence?
Summary: This booklet is about family violence intervention orders. It can help you, or someone you know who has experienced violence at home

Title: Sexual Assault factsheet
Summary: This translated fact sheet outlines how in Australia, it is against the law to sexually assault anyone. A person who commits sexual assault can go to jail, whether they are a man or a woman. It outlines what sexual assault includes, and also provides contact details for support services.

Title: The conversation guide: Having conversations with young people
Summary: A guide to start a conversation with young people on violence against women and how to stop it.

Title: The orange door
Summary: The document provides key information about The Orange Door, a new way to access services for women, children and young people who are experiencing family violence; and families who need support with the care of children or young people.

Title: Violence against women doesn't just start. It grows: A guide to having conversations with young people
Summary: This translated brochure is a guide to having conversations with young people about violence against women. the brochure emphasises that the cycle of violence against women starts with disrespectful behaviour, and when we excuse these behaviours in our kids, we let it grow. It includes information on how to influence children's beliefs from a young age and having the conversation.

Title: What can you do to support White Ribbon?
Summary: Here are some ideas on how to support White Ribbon and encourage men and boys to help break the cycle of violence against women.

Title: What is a forced marriage? Teacher's flyer
Summary: Forced marriage is a marriage entered into without the full and free consent of one, or both, of the individuals involved as a result of coercion, threat or deception. Coercion can involve force, duress, detention, psychological oppression, abuse of power or taking advantage of a person’s vulnerability.

Title: What is counselling
Summary: The document explains what counselling is to assist you to assess your needs, setting goals, consider your options, discuss your safety and other concerns, talk about your feelings, access other services that you may require and plan for the future.

Title: What is Domestic Violence
Summary: This translated resource exlpains what Domestic Violence is, a term used to describe any form of violence or abuse experienced by a person that is perpetrated by their spouse, intimate partner, family member or informal carer. It includes a list of the types of behaviour domestic violence includes and important things to remember.

Title: What is elder abuse? Elder abuse prevention
Summary: This translated fact sheet provides a brief overview of elder abuse and sources of information and support.

Title: What is family violence?
Summary: This translated resource provides information on family violence which is not limited to physical or sexual abuse, and it includes emotional abuse and any threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour.

Title: What is primary prevention?
Summary: This translated fact sheet outlines what Primary Prevention is, the action to stop men’s violence against women implemented before violence occurs which aims to stop the likelihood of men and boys using violence against women and girls. It also includes what Secondary and Tertiary Prevention is.

Title: What men can do
Summary: To end men’s violence against women, we need to change attitudes and behaviour – this will take time. Here are some practical steps men can take every day to help end men’s violence against women

Title: Young people - developing strong resilient adults
Summary: This translated resource provides information and guidelines on developing strong, resilient adults. If young people see their parent or primary caregiver being physically or psychologically abused, they may either experience or use violence in their own adult relationships. This resource provides some perpesctives from young people, describes how to help them and what you can do to help yourself.

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