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Title: About palliative care (video)
Summary: Palliative care helps those with an illness that cannot be cured by managing symptoms as well as providing emotional and spiritual support.

Title: At the end (video)
Summary: There are things that can help you to prepare as someone approaches the last few weeks and days of life. Having information can help you to make choices. People vary in what they know, understand and believe about death and dying. They also differ in what they want to know. Each individual should be as informed, or not, as they want to be. For many, knowing what to expect can help take some of the fear, distress and anxiety away. For others, having too much information gives them more things to worry about.

Title: Bereavement, grief and loss (video)
Summary: Even when it is expected, death can be a shock. Grief and loss can be felt in many ways.

Title: Finding out more about pallative care (video)
Summary: People vary in their knowledge and understanding in regard to death and dying. Being informed can help you make the right decisions.

Title: Groups with specific needs (video)
Summary: Death is a reality of life, but the circumstances can vary greatly as different groups have different needs.

Title: How to care (video)
Summary: If you never looked after someone who is seriously ill before it can be overwhelming. People find they need information and resources to help them manage daily life as a carer. This could be about how to manage medications or access transport. It could be about how to sort out your finances or find some support for yourself.

Title: Introduction to CareSearch (video)
Summary: This is an overview of the CareSearch website for the general community.

Title: Living with a terminal illness (video)
Summary: When you have a serious illness there are things to consider. You may want to think about your quality of life. What is important now? Whether you continue to work, how things are likely to change and how you can prepare for them is important.

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