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Title: A guide for expectant parents
Summary: The purpose of this resource is to provide balanced information about Down Syndrome to expectant parents. This includes parents who have already had some prenatal testing which reveals their child has or may have Down syndrome, as well as those who want more information about Down syndrome for a range of reasons.

Title: Adolescence guide
Summary: This guide has been developed for parents and families to provide information about adolescence and Down syndrome. The document covers information about transition to high school, puberty, sexuality, post-school transitions and health and well-being.

Title: Down syndrome: after the diagnosis 2
Summary: In this short video, parents of children with Down syndrome talk about getting early intervention for their child after a diagnosis. Early interventions include physiotherapy, speech therapy and sign language. They discuss respite care and the value of having a good support network of family, friends and other families of children with Down syndrome. Child health specialists talk about early intervention options and family life.

Title: Down syndrome: overview and diagnosis
Summary: IIn this short video, parents of children with Down syndrome talk about getting the diagnosis during pregnancy. They say they talked with their families about how this child would fit into their lives, and about deciding to go on with the pregnancy. Also, child health specialists explain what Down syndrome is and how they test for it.

Title: Early years guide
Summary: The early years of life are extremely important for the development of every child. For children with Down syndrome, providing the right supports and interventions during the early years can help build a strong and healthy future and ensure that the child can reach their full potential. This resource provides information for families about early intervention, development, and supports in the early-years. It also provides information about the NDIS and accessing support through the Early Childhood Early Intervention approach.

Title: Healthy Relationships and Sexuality
Summary: Everyone has the right to choose what they want for their own body. Everyone has the right to have different kinds of relationships. The Easy Read guide produced by Down Syndrome Australia covers: Relationships and sexuality, Rights and respect, Safety and abuse, How to speak up about a problem.

Title: New parents: Frequently asked questions
Summary: This fact sheet provides advice for parents with a baby with Down Syndrom. It includes a checklist of things you need to do if your baby is born with Down Syndrome, from enjoying your baby to contacting Centrelink.

Title: Springvale Indochinese Mutual Assistance Association (SICMAA) disability project (video with English subtitles)
Summary: People of CALD background and their carers have reported experiencing a high level of discrimination in their cultural and linguistic communities. In turn this can act as a barrier to their willingness to come forward and approach services for help.To illustrate this two women of Vietnamese background spoke to the Springvale Indochinese Mutual Assistance Association (SICMAA) about their experience as carers of children with disabilities and how this impacted their well-being and that of their family. This video is in Vietnamese with English subtitles.

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