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Title: A User's Guide. What every man needs to know
Summary: What every man needs to know about how his reproductive system works.Includes information about prostate health, male infertility, testosterone deficiency, testicular cancer and erection problems.

Title: After a diagnosis of prostate cancer
Summary: This factsheet talks about treatment options and your health and wellbeing

Title: Cancer - how are you travelling?
Summary: This resource provides information about the emotional and social impact of cancer. It has been written for people diagnosed with cancer, their family and friends.

Title: Cancer did you know? flyer
Summary: Flyer with cancer facts including causes, risks, prevention, and treatment.

Title: Coping with a cancer diagnosis
Summary: Everyone reacts to a diagnosis of cancer differently. It is often difficult to take in the diagnosis immediately. It is natural to ask “why me?” or to feel sad, angry, helpless and worried.

Title: Cut your cancer risk
Summary: Provides a summary of the 7 key cancer prevention messages including: get checked, limit alcohol, eat a healthy diet, be active, be a healthy weight, be active, be SunSmart and quit smoking.

Title: Early detection of prostate cancer
Summary: This factsheet explains how to find out if you have prostate cancer.

Title: Finding the words - starting a conversation when your cancer has progressed
Summary: This resource has been developed to help women with secondary breast or ovarian cancer talk about how palliative care might help them to live as well as possible when cancer has spread.

Title: Getting well after cancer
Summary: Getting well after cancer is a booklet for people who have finished treatment for cancer. The booklet talks about things that can be hard after cancer and how to get help. This booklet has been adapted with permission from Cancer Council and Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre resources.

Title: Men and cancer prevention
Summary: This fact sheet talks about a cancer prevention plan for men.

Title: Multilingual cancer glossary
Summary: The bilingual glossary has been designed as a resource for professional translators, interpreters and bilingual health professionals working in the cancer field. The glossary is a unique central tool that provides language professionals with access to accurate, consistent and culturally and linguistically appropriate terminology. Note - the English document is bilingual.

Title: Nausea and vomiting during cancer treatment
Summary: This patient information sheet explains when you are likely to get nausea and vomiting after chemo- or radiotherapy, how you can manage it and what to do if it doesn't stop.

Title: On the road to recovery (audio)
Summary: On the road to recovery is a resource that has been developed with and for people who have completed cancer treatment and their carers, families and friends who speak a language other than English. Consultation was undertaken with the different language groups and the themes identified formed the basis of the final resources developed.

Title: Questions to ask your doctor
Summary: Although your doctor and other health care professionals may give you advice, you should consider your care a partnership.

Title: What is cancer?
Summary: Explains what cancer is, how it beings and how it spreads.

Title: What you need to know about prostate cancer
Summary: This webpage describes what is the prostate, prostate cancer, risk factors, and diagnosis

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