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A guide to how teachers can support safe online communication about suicide.
01 Feb 2022... The topics of suicide and self-harm will appear in many facets of a young person's life and it can be difficult for parents to approach these topics. #chatsafe for parents and carers is designed to guide parents and carers when they're having conversations about suicide with the young people in their lives.
31 Dec 2018... In 2018, Orygen developed the world’s first evidence-based guidelines for young people to communicate safely online about suicide. In collaboration with a number of international organisations, we have now translated guidelines for young people across the world.
test resource for IM Project. To be deleted after test & observations.
01 Aug 2023... Newborn development at 0-1 month is about cuddling, sleeping, feeding and learning. Get tips for baby development and read how to spot developmental delays.
01 Aug 2023... Extra crying is typical in newborn development at 1-2 months, as is more alertness. Get tips to help development and read how to spot developmental delay.
01 Sep 2018... This factsheet provides information about starting secondary school.
30 Nov 2020... Don't feel you are alone. One in twelve people world wide are living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C. The 12 questions below are designed to help you get the information you need from your GP.
01 Aug 2023... At 2-3 months of newborn development, your baby understands that voices and faces go together – especially yours! Read more and get development tips.
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