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Topic "Coronavirus" in Tongan - total 15 documents

Title: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - all resources published by the Victorian Department of Health
Summary: Find the latest updated translated COVID-19 information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The information is available in various formats like fact sheets, videos, audio files and promotional materials, Topics include current rules and restrictions, wearing of face masks, worker support payments, how to stay safe, testing, family violence, mental health, vaccination and much more.

Title: Coronavirus (COVID-19) $1500 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment
Summary: A one-off $1,500 payment is available to support eligible Victorian workers who have been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or are a close contact of a confirmed case.

Title: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information, updates and advice about the outbreak of coronavirus by the Victorian Government
Summary: This Victorian Government websites provides the latest in language information on current coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions regarding health advice, business and work, education, travel and transport, housing and safety.

Title: Coronavirus (COVID-19) What to do if you've tested positive for coronavirus
Summary: If you have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) you must isolate yourself until the Department of Health tells you it is safe. This fact sheet explains why, where and how you need to isolate. You also need to monitor your symptoms and look after your wellbeing. It tells you where and what support is available for you and provides information for caregivers and other household members.

Title: Coronavirus self-isolation guide for pacific workers
Summary: This guide is for workers who may have been exposed to the virus and need to self-isolate for a while. If you have been in close contact with someone who now has a confirmed case of coronavirus.

Title: COVID-19 vaccination - After your Spikevax (Moderna) vaccine
Summary: A patient fact sheet about what to expect after being given the Spikevax (Moderna) COVID-19 vaccination.

Title: COVID-19 vaccination - Stay home, get tested, financial support available
Summary: A poster that can be used for COVID-19 outbreaks, telling people to stay home, get tested and that financial assitance is available.

Title: COVID-19 vaccine by the Departmenmt of Health Victoria
Summary: Information about COVID-19 vaccine rollout and safety produced by the Victorian Department of Health.

Title: For parents and carers - Wellbeing support for students over school holidays
Summary: This fact sheet provides tips and resources for parents, carers and families of children and young people in their care over the school holidays. This includes services to reach out to if more support for them is needed.

Title: General health advice about COVID-19
Summary: General health advice about Covid-19 in Pacific Islander languages.

Title: Information about COVID-19 vaccines
Summary: Information about COVID-19 vaccine rollout and safety in Victoria, provided by the Victorian State Government.

Title: Learning from home advice in your language
Summary: Information on how to best setting up a learning environment for your child at home, lists the student responsibilities, provides advice on managing screentime and online safety, how you can check on your child's mental health and wellbeing and what to do if your child requires additional needs.

Title: Managing worry about COVID-19 and diabetes fact sheet
Summary: This fact sheet lists all the things you can and all the things you can not control when living with Diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Title: Protect yourself and your family - cover your cough and sneeze (poster)
Summary: Poster produced by the Department of Health Victoria outlining why and how you should cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, to prevent transmitting infectious diseases such as coronavirus and influenza.

Title: Protect yourself and your family - wash your hands regularly (poster)
Summary: Poster by the Department of Health Victoria outlining why and how you should wash your hands. One of the main reasons is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as coronavirus and influenza.

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