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Topic "Diabetes" in Chinese - total 9 documents

Title: Diabetes and your eyes
Summary: Guide to prevention and treatment of eye damage (retinopathy) caused by diabetes. Diabetes can damage your eyes, and if left unchecked and untreated can eventually lead to blindness.

Title: Diabetes information sheet for parents and carers
Summary: Information for parents/carers on the steps required for the management at school of a child's diabetes condition.

Title: Diabetes: what you need to know
Summary: This is a comprehensive yet easy to understand booklet about living with and managing diabetes. It describes the types of diabetes, what regular health checks are recommended and answers a lot of common questions about food and diabetes

Title: Exercise and diabetes
Summary: This translated video has been developed to explain the importance of exercise as another way for people with diabetes to manage their health.

Title: Healthy eating for gestational diabetes
Summary: Explanation of gestational diabetes (GDM) and the importance of diet in managing this condition. Also includes culturally specific information for women from Arabic, Chinese, Persian and Vietnamese backgrounds.

Title: Hypoglycaemia
Summary: Hypoglycaemia refers to a low level of sugar in your blood. Low blood sugar is less than 4 (mmol/l).

Title: Making healthy food choices
Summary: The Making Healthy Food Choices Guide includes photographs and images of hundreds of different foods to help you understand how healthy eating will help you manage your diabetes. Each guide contains culturally specific foods and includes the English description and translation on the same page.

Title: Managing my diabetes
Summary: A translated video that demonstrates to people with diabetes how to best manage their diabetes.

Title: My feet and diabetes
Summary: This translated video explains the importance of foot care for individuals living with diabetes.

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