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Topic "Oral Health" in Arabic - total 28 documents

Title: Care for patients taking bisphosphonates
Summary: Your doctor may prescribe bisphosphonates to help control bone diseases like osteoporosis. They limit the progression of bone diseases and help prevent bone fractures, but they can affect our mouths too.

Title: Caring for your denture
Summary: We’ve put together some tips that will help you to get the most out of your new dentures. Remember, it may take time for you to get used to them, so be patient.

Title: Caring for your mouth after an extraction
Summary: You need to take care of your mouth after a major treatment like a tooth extraction. Follow these instructions to help your mouth heal.

Title: Child dental benefit schedule (bilingual version)
Summary: The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides access to benefits for basic dental services for children and teenagers aged 2 to 17.

Title: Child dental benefits schedule: bulk billing patient consent form
Summary: Consent form to be signed by patient for bulk billing

Title: Clean well
Summary: Information on adult’s and children’s teeth brushing

Title: Dental fact sheet - Message for a healthy mouth
Summary: 5 ways to keep a child's teeth and mouth healthy: eat well, drink well, clean well, stay well, play well.

Title: Drink well
Summary: Tips on what to drink in order to prevent teeth decays

Title: Eat well
Summary: Tips on what to eat in order to prevent tooth decay

Title: Emergency dental care
Summary: Emergency dental care is available to all Victorians through The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne (RDHM) and available to all eligible Victorians at community dental clinics.

Title: Getting to know health care in Australia: a pocket guide for new arrivals
Summary: A short overview on Australian health services and how to access them

Title: Guide to day surgery at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne
Summary: The Day Surgery Unit is located on Level 4 at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne (RDHM). Patients arrive and leave on the same day and do not stay overnight. Please allow at least half a day for your surgery (link to web page).

Title: Healthy teeth in child care
Summary: Guidelines for oral hygiene and prevention of caries in toddlers and young children

Title: How to brush your teeth
Summary: Tips on how to properly brush your teeth

Title: How to keep your teeth healthy
Summary: Information about how to keep children's teeth healthy, how to brush and when to take your child to a dental clinic for their first checkup.

Title: Let's brush (video)
Summary: In these 2-minute videos, Tash and Chomper, the smiliest crocodile show us how to have some fun when we brush our teeth. Using child-friendly cues, smile like a monkey and ROAR like a lion, together with simple actions, they invite young children to take an active role in brushing their teeth.

Title: Looking after your oral health during COVID-19
Summary: This fact sheet explains why you should keep a healthy mouth during the pandemic and what the oral symptoms of COVID-19 are.

Title: My first dental visit
Summary: This booklet describes what will happen at your first visit to a dentist.

Title: Oral health
Summary: Many people think that ‘baby’ teeth are less important than ‘adult’ teeth, but looking after your child’s first teeth is vital. In fact, good oral health begins even before these first teeth appear. A combination of good brushing, a healthy diet and regular visits to the dentist will help your children to grow strong and healthy teeth

Title: Oral health during pregnancy
Summary: Taking care of your gums and teeth during pregnancy is important for you and your baby

Title: Protecting your privacy
Summary: Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) is the state’s leading public oral health agency. DHSV is accountable through its Board of Directors to the Victorian Minister for Health. This brochure has been produced to help you understand your rights and why information is collected about you and/or your child.

Title: Public dental services
Summary: information on dental care, dental care for kids and teens, specialist dental services

Title: Root canal treatment in the emergency setting
Summary: Dental Health Services Victoria wants you to have all the information you need about a root canal before your treatment

Title: The importance of a healthy diet
Summary: This DVD resource provides culturally and linguistically appropriate information, targeting newly arrived refugees and others of migrant background about the importance of a healthy diet.for dental and oral health

Title: Tooth tips [0-12 months]
Summary: Tooth tips 0 - 12 months, for parents, grandparents and carers. Eat well. Drink well. Early feeding. Clean well. Teething. Tips for temporary relief.

Title: Tooth tips [12 - 18 months]
Summary: Tooth tips for children 1 to 2 years of age, for parents, grandparents and carers. Eat well. Drink well. Clean well. Thumb and finger sucking

Title: Tooth tips [18 months - 6 years]
Summary: Tooth tips for 2 to 6 years old. Aimed at parents, grandparents and carers. Eat well. Drink well. Clean well. Dental visits. Tips on toothbrushing. Did you know?

Title: Visitor's guide to the hospital
Summary: A visitor’s guide to the Royal Dental hospital

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