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Topic "Oral Health" in Greek - total 16 documents

Title: Are you receiving oral health care (ORHIS 8)
Summary: Timely and regular visits to the dentist are important to ensusre early detection of any new dental decay, gum disease or other problems. This leaflet provides advice on where and how to get dental care on a health care or pensioner concession card.

Title: Care for patients taking bisphosphonates
Summary: Your doctor may prescribe bisphosphonates to help control bone diseases like osteoporosis. They limit the progression of bone diseases and help prevent bone fractures, but they can affect our mouths too.

Title: Caring for dentures
Summary: This fact sheet provides an overview of what to expect from new dentures and how to look after them.

Title: Caring for your denture
Summary: We’ve put together some tips that will help you to get the most out of your new dentures. Remember, it may take time for you to get used to them, so be patient.

Title: Caring for your mouth after an extraction
Summary: You need to take care of your mouth after a major treatment like a tooth extraction. Follow these instructions to help your mouth heal.

Title: Denture care (ORHIS 6)

Title: Dry mouth (ORHIS 7)
Summary: Reduced salvia flow that results in a dry mouth (xerostamia) is a common problem among older adults.This leaflet explains causes, symptoms and solutions.

Title: Getting older in Melbourne? Expected oral changes (ORHIS 1)
Summary: This leaflet explains how aging can affect the state of the teeth and how good care can prevent losing teeth and prevent some oral diseases such as dental caries and gum disease.

Title: How disease may affect your mouth (ORHIS 9)
Summary: Diseases of the mouth can negatively affect your whole body

Title: Oral cancer (ORHIS 4)
Summary: This leaflet lists the causes, early signs and preventative actions of oral cancer

Title: Oral diseases (ORHIS 2)
Summary: Leaflet on the two most common oral health diseases, tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease

Title: Public dental services
Summary: information on dental care, dental care for kids and teens, specialist dental services

Title: Root canal treatment in the emergency setting
Summary: Dental Health Services Victoria wants you to have all the information you need about a root canal before your treatment

Title: Taking care of remaining teeth (ORHIS 3)
Summary: This leaflet contains information on how to keep teeth and gums healthy

Title: Teeth and mouth care - information for residents, families and carers
Summary: A transalted resource with information about caring for your teeth and mouth for residents, families and carers.

Title: Visitor's guide to the hospital
Summary: A visitor’s guide to the Royal Dental hospital

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