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Topic "Safety" in Plain English - total 14 documents

Title: Fired up- Lession 1- Who is CFA (video)
Summary: This video highlights what the Country Fire Authority (CFA) do, their volunteer culture, history and work with the community to help protect lives and property of over 3.3 million Victorians.

Title: Fired up- Lession 10- Fire Danger Ratings (video)
Summary: Make sure you check Fire Danger Ratings every day (FDR). FDRs predict how a fire would behave if one started and FDRs should be your prompt to take action.

Title: Fired up- Lession 11- Total Fire Bans (video)
Summary: This video explains what activities can be undertaken during a fire danger period or on Total Fire Ban days e.g. having a barbeque.

Title: Fired up- Lession 12- Preparing your property for fire season (video)
Summary: This video gives an overview of key preparation activities you can undertake before the bushfire season e.g. cleaning your gutters, cutting your grass.

Title: Fired up- Lession 3- Home Fire Dangers (video)
Summary: This video explains how kitchen fire can happen and how to prevent them.

Title: Fired up- Lession 4- Smoke alarms (video)
Summary: This video provides information on the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms.

Title: Fired up- Lession 5- Escape plans (video)
Summary: This video explains how to prepare a fire escape plan for your home.

Title: Fired up- Lession 6- Calling Triple Zero 000 (video)
Summary: This video provides information for students to know how to call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.

Title: Fired up- Lession 8- BBQ safety (video)
Summary: Victorias fire authorities the MFB and CFA together with the states gas safety watchdog, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV), and the Victorian Adult Burns Service at The Alfred Hospital are urging the community to be careful when using gas BBQs.

Title: Fired up- Lession 9- Bushfires and grassfires (video)
Summary: This video explains some risks, how to reduce them and what you need to do if a grassfire or bushfire starts.

Title: Fired up-Lession 2- Fire science and the Fire Triangle (video)
Summary: This video explains the fire triangle, the tree things fire needs to burn- heat, oxygen and fuel.

Title: Is it a scam?
Summary: How you can avoid receiving a scam and what to do if you suspect you received an ATO impersonation scam via email, SMS or phone.

Title: Keeping children safe - Multicultural Parent Easy Guide
Summary: Parents from all cultures and communities want their children to be safe from harm. While Australia is generally a safe place, children can be harmed at home or in the community.

Title: Online safety, Start the Chat
Summary: The online safety, Start the Chat Campaign is about helping everyone in a child's life to have a conversation about online safety. The youngest generation of children are the first to grow up in a fully connected digital world - for them, the online world is now just as much a part of their lives as the offline world. It is important to be proactive and talk about online safety early and often. This advertising material provides links to more information on cyberbullying on the eSafety website that can be used in your community.

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